This is how it works

You start building your own car by selecting a model. Based on your model selection you are presented with a number of color choices. Last, but not least, you choose the tires for your creation.

  1. 1 Model selection
  2. 2 Apply color
  3. 3 Choose tires
  4. 4 Assemble your car

1 Model selection

The creative process of creating your own customized Playsam car starts with choosing a model

  • Streamliner Classic

2 Apply color

Now it's time to apply some color to your car. For this model you can choose among the following colors:

3 Choose tires

This is awesome! However, a car must have tires. Choose the wheel pattern you want for your car.

4 Assemble your car

Wow, this creation is outstanding! Just hit the add to cart button below to add your personalized Playsam car to your current shoppingcart.