The wedding was celebrated at 22 May in San Pietro in Cerro, a little middle age town in northern Italy. Most of our guests come from the south, so we organized everything, beginning from the night before: a fun dinner at the hotel where they slept, the next morning a short tour of the city (Cremona) and finally ... the ceremony !!! In Italy weddings are usually celebrated in the beautiful churches, but we are not religious so we decided to get married by civil ceremony, so we have tried to create a romantic atmosphere in front of the common housing (the beautiful red building you see in picture). It was a large family, and everyone enjoyed the sun. I came with an old car ... .I was very nervous but so happy !!!! It was in the afternoon, 5:00 A harp, a violin and an oboe played some sweet and romantic music. At the end of the ceremony, two middle-aged guys wearing lead our guests (120 people) to very close to the castle, where Antonio and I was waiting for them! In a large garden, we had an aperitif (a few hours), while a piano and sax played a little jazz. Then we went inside, upstairs, where three rooms had been a middle-aged style arranged (see picture). Each room had only one long table, instead of several round them (although this is not typical of Italian style). Finally, we had the wedding cake bottom, in the middle of the monastery, while the guests were still upstairs, looking out at us from the high. They had a dessert buffet, too, and then they danced while we give our gifts to the guests who were coming off (midnight). In Italy, the tradition says that the spouses give a gift to the guests, to thank them for their gifts and their presence also. (You must provide an item for family / couple .. even if they do not come to the wedding, but they make a presence as well) Usually husbands chose silver or crystal objects. We wanted to do something really special, so we decided to give something that we really like: a design object which we bought (the red version) last year for our house. And everyone loved our wedding car, we saw them in every house we visit! 







Monday, January 16, 2017

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